Monday, March 9, 2015

College Newspaper Article 5

The other day, I was looking through some of my things from college when I came across a few articles I wrote during my sophomore year while I worked for the school newspaper, the Lakeholm Viewer. I had almost entirely forgotten about them, and it was fun reading back through them. I figured since this is my collection of things I have written, I would add them on here. Sorry if they aren’t amazing. I was only a sophomore!

Scrimmage results for men’s basketball

By Zach Zeltman

Staff Writer

November 12, 2010

Junior forward Danil Zakhlebnyy fights for position in the post against Tiffin

Scrimmage vs. Tiffin University (Oct. 27):

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s men’s basketball team came out strong against the Dragons of Tiffin University. In the first half, the Cougars handled Tiffin, outscoring them by 15 points.

Sophomore guard Ben Severns hit three consecutive three-pointers, two of which he was fouled on, as well. Junior forward Jordan Heatherly dominated the boards and scored  almost every time he touched the ball.

Tiffin came out stronger in the second half, jumping out to a 12-point lead.

However, MVNU responded with the help of freshman Daz Booker, who caught an impressive alley-oop dunk from senior Brandon Short.

Scrimmage vs. Kenyon College
(Nov. 1):

The Cougars took on Kenyon and came out slow against a team that was on top of their game.

Senior Adam Grimm, junior Scott Hilbert and sophomore Bryce Barnes for the Cougars all missed the game due to injury.

Grimm is still recovering from an ankle injury, Hilbert is recovering from a shoulder injury and Barnes is recovering from a concussion.

This game served as a wakeup call for the Cougars, who have high expectations for the season.

Even though the Cougars did not play as well as they would have liked, the game was close and they did well scoring in the paint.

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