Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Like Crazy

I just watched a movie called Like Crazy about a long-distance relationship, where he lives in LA and she lives in London. The couple is madly in love with each other, but then they break up because of the distance. When they are apart, they’re with different people but still hanging onto each other so they were unhappy. Then they see each other again but they are constantly fighting about how they can be together again.

They both end up in serious relationships with other people but, after a few years, give it up to get back together. Only now, they find out that it's not the same, and, once again, they're not happy. Then the movie ended. Nothing resolved, nobody happy…

I walked away thinking that movie was just depressing and stupid. But then, I thought about how sometimes, that’s just life. The things that you think are worth hanging onto don't turn out to be anything like what you thought. You think you know exactly what you want, but then people change—yourself included. And it never turns out like you planned. The longer you think about and dwell on it, the more time you waste of something else that could be happening that could be truly spectacular and life-changing. You end up wasting all that time thinking and hoping that you know what you want and what's good for you when, really, you have no idea. The truth is, sometimes, we just don’t know what/who is right for us.  

I guess the moral that I took away from this movie is that hanging on to the past is never a good idea. That doesn’t mean you have to block out the past and that you can’t appreciate moments, but you have to move forward. If something or someone from the past is going to come along again, you can cross that bridge when you come to it. The other moral is that whatever you're going to do in life, wherever you're going to be, in a relationship or not, you have to be in it 100%. Because if you're in something but even part of your heart is elsewhere, you're ruining your chance at whatever you're trying. So I guess you have to figure out what's really worth fighting for before you get in too deep and realize you wished you had been trying harder from the start.  

So take your time to mourn the loss of somebody and get over it. But try to get yourself together quick enough that you don't miss out on a love like crazy. 

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